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Wireless Printer-device, Operating Efficiency Small Portable Inkjet Printers

Wireless Printer-device, Operating Efficiency Small Portable Inkjet Printers

Wireless Printer-device, Operating Efficiency Small Portable Inkjet Printers
Wireless Printer-device, Operating Efficiency Small Portable Inkjet Printers
Wireless Printer-device, Operating Efficiency Small Portable Inkjet Printers
Wireless Printer-device, Operating Efficiency Small Portable Inkjet Printers
Wireless Printer-device, Operating Efficiency Small Portable Inkjet Printers
Minimum Order Quantity:
1 Unit
Packaging Details:
Sea-Worthy Packing or Air-Worthy Packing
Delivery Time:
3-5 Working Days
Payment Terms:
T/T, L/C, PayPal, Western Union
Supply Ability:
3000 Unit per Month
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Detail Information
Place of Origin:
Brand Name:
Perfect Laser
Model Number:
Print Height:
Need To Stick Mark The Height Of The Object:
The Height Of 70mm - Contact Two Drum 35mm Height - Only Contact With The Roller Printing, For Example, Only Seven Nozzle. Cylindrical Objects, Such As Printing, As Well As To The Catheter And Barrels Of Spray
Spurt The Code Machine Working Position:
Any Location
The Nozzle Diameter:
Standard 150 Microns Optional 150 Microns, 170 Microns To 200 Microns
The Maximum Number Of Characters In Each Text:
1300 Characters (if Using Built-in Font Spurt The Code Machine, The Control Characters Are Included)
At The Same Time Stored In The Spurt The Code Machine Memory Text And Print The Number Of Parameter:
From 1 To 10 Text Through Computer Loading To Spurt The Code Machine From 1 To 30 (optional)
Special Font:
Used For Communication, Warning, Disposal Or Other USES Of National Character And Graphic Character Characteristic Inflexion.
Variable-length Field:
The Device Can Spray Print Any Date And Time Formats, Including Valid/service Period, The Increment Or Decrement The Counter, General Counter (universal Counter Can Be Used To Calculate Parts, Pallet, Number Of Meters, Etc.).
Edit Text And Printing Parameters, Spurt The Code Machine Control:
IBM System Compatible With The Computer, Through The Radio/radio Spectrum Communicate With Printing Machine (within 50 Meters Distance)
High Light:
barcode inkjet printer , inkjet coding machine
Product Description

Wireless Printer-device Operating Efficiency Small Portable Inkjet Printers


Product Introduction


Perfect Laser is well-known in the world of handheld inkjet marker manufacturers. According to many industry production environment and product features to meet customer demand, Perfect Laser developed the Small Portable and Handheld Inkjet Printers PM-600B. Handheld inkjet printer combines the application needs of various industries, and it has been further improved in function. It’s product features consistent high quality and stable in operation, intuitive and easy design ideas have great originality, more humane reflects the Perfect Laser to customers attention and warm service.


Product Features


1. Small handheld inkjet printer is equipped with USB interface, convenient information into;

2. Large storage capacity, up to 1000 content;

3. A charge can work continuously for 12 hours, a small hand-held printer can also be used in charging state;

4. Built-in GB font, spray the dot matrix characters and entity words;

5. Automatic power saving function: standby, display 10 seconds automatically under the dark, 5 minutes automatic shutdown;

6. Small handheld inkjet printer can print various types of content, Chinese characters, letters, time, date, number, serial number, symbols, graphics, bar codes, two-dimensional code;

The design of 7. operation cost controllable, reduce operating costs;

8. Field simple editing, simple graphic editing, content editing, screen interface easily;

9. The interface screen navigation can ensure the accuracy of operation and reduce the training time cost

10. Small handheld inkjet printer can also tie line printing operations;

11. Independent circuit design, lifetime warranty, safe and reliable;

12. Automatic ink system, import the main pump, four layers of anti blocking, anti dropping nozzle;

13. Machine running stability and environmental protection, to adapt to a variety of production environment;

14. English, built-in Chinese font code input method. It can be printed in Chinese, English, digital, graphics and other special information and symbols.




Handheld inkjet printer industry: food, beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, tea factory, winery, health care products factory, PVC - PE - PPR pipe / plate factory, chemical, auto parts, electrical accessories, hardware and so on all kinds of printing products need instant information.


Technical Parameter


Print height 7-58mm
Need to stick mark the height of the object The height of 70mm - contact two drum 35mm height - only contact with the roller printing, for example, only seven nozzle. Cylindrical objects, such as printing, as well as to the catheter and barrels of spray
Spurt the code machine working position Any location
The nozzle diameter Standard 150 microns optional 150 microns, 170 microns to 200 microns
The maximum number of characters in each text 1300 characters (if using built-in font spurt the code machine, the control characters are included)
At the same time stored in the spurt the code machine memory text and print the number of parameter set From 1 to 10 text through computer loading to spurt the code machine from 1 to 30 (optional)
Special font Used for communication, warning, disposal or other USES of national character and graphic character characteristic inflexion.
Variable-length field The device can spray print any date and time formats, including valid/service period, the increment or decrement the counter, general counter (universal counter can be used to calculate parts, pallet, number of meters, etc.).
Edit text and printing parameters, spurt the code machine control

IBM system compatible with the computer, through the radio/radio spectrum communicate with printing machine (within 50 meters distance)


Suggested that the minimum requirements

for the computer


IBM compatible computer, equivalent to pentium 200, 32 MB RAM, 20 MB of disk space available to run the control program is 1.5 or higher of EBS - 250 spurt the code machine, computer need to install any of the following operating system: Windows ® 98 se/ME/NT / 2000 / XP/Vista ® / 7 if your computer is running Windows NT ® program, only need to spurt the code machine with a RS - 232 interface connection can realize communication (not via USB) can reach 60 of the machine will summarize to the remote network by computer or radio terminal
Timing In the process of spray print, regardless of the spurt the code machine rotational speed is fast or slow, timing can be synchronous with the roller speed, the time interval with internal can also generate synchronization.
The power supply A full charge when running roughly time when recharge the built-in battery temperature at 20 degrees, the machine can last for 50 hours non-stop printing, insufficient battery automatic display Automatically through external dc 24 v / 1 A power pack charging charging time when she was 150 minutes (2.5 hours) charge cycle: 500 times (battery capacity is 70% of the initial capacity)




The cartridge capacity Ink can be used to bayonet fixed container can be removed. The main components of the ink juice with alcohol,  and water. There are white, yellow, green, red and black are available, you can order in our directory column. 110 ml can print 7 x 5 pixels matrix of about 100000 words operator or 16 x 10 pixels matrix about 17, 000 characters.


Working temperature range


Used for water-based ink jet printing of storage temperature should be controlled between 1 to 45 degrees, the type of ink used to spray print or ethanol storage temperature should be controlled between 10 degrees to 45 degrees below zero.
Vertical size (length/width/height) 226/75 226/75/259 mm / 255 mm



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Wireless Printer-device, Operating Efficiency Small Portable Inkjet Printers 0



Packaging & Delivery


1. Prompt deliver at the very day.
2. Sophisticated and professional logistic agent.
3. Well-trained and disciplined packing team.
4. After-sale service: Any questions or problems after receiving the product, please feel free to contact us. Problems would be solved for you immediately.

Competitive Advantages

1. We offer high quality products at competitive price in quick delivery.
2. 100% custom pass guaranteed.
3. Good after-sale service.
4. Flexible and Untraceable payment terms.
5. Our products have been exported to Germany, Norway, Poland, Finland, Spain, UK, France, Russia, USA, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Uruguay and many other countries.