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Company News About Why are the prices of laser marking machines so different?

Why are the prices of laser marking machines so different?


Why are the prices of laser marking machines so different?


When you purchase fiber laser marking machines, laser marking machines and other laser equipment, you will find that there are many companies in the current chaotic laser marking machine industry, and these large and small companies will also quote different prices, so When you buy, you will start to have doubts and don't know how to start, but no matter which company you are, everyone should know the value for money. The following editor will analyze the difference in price: whether it is optical fiber The laser marking machine is still a semiconductor marking machine or a co2 laser marking machine. The equipment launched by various businesses can be used normally, and there are many configurations, but the brands are different.

Because of the difference in equipment price caused by the most important difference in laser equipment, the laser uses glass fiber with rare elements as a gain medium, and forms a high-power density particle conversion working medium in special applications of radio and television. Finally, the so-called laser light source is formed through other working media. The range of use of this light source is very bright, and it has great advantages in applications such as marking/welding/cutting of metals and non-metals, as well as industrial manufacturers.


A good laser accessory can bring many advantages to laser equipment. First of all, the cost of manufacturing and technical support are miniaturized and low-cost; good fiber quality does not need to be as strict as crystal technology for the ingested light source. The position matching of the optical fiber can evenly and automatically absorb the photoelectricity; the application of optical fiber also reduces the overall power consumption, so lower heat generation and loss and low-energy heat will not damage anything; output The energy can be divided into more energy, and the coordinated line can be increased to carry out the coordinated and concentrated work of multiple beams; the requirements for the environment are also lower, and the tolerance to dust and temperature can be competent for a variety of environments; high-quality conversion rate Energy saving and cost use also have good enough effects. Therefore, when everyone buys the equipment, although the same name and the same title are used, the price of the laser marking machine is different.


   Therefore, when purchasing equipment, especially laser equipment, you must not just listen to the price, but must understand from many aspects.


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