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Company News About What’s the Price of Color Laser Marking Machine?

What’s the Price of Color Laser Marking Machine?



With the development of laser technology, the application rage of laser marking technology is becoming wider and wider.However, the pattern marked by stainless steel laser marking machine that we often see is the color that the material itself has.Then somebody may think it looks so dull and they may ask that laser marking machine could mark colorful words?

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The application level of laser marking machine technology has gradually improved,color laser marking machine is a new type which mainly be applied to the stainless steel metal materials.Through setting process parameters of the mopa fiber laser marking machine, the colorful pattern can be engraved on the stainless steel objectives.


Having adapted to the new digital technology and created the new concept of laser marking,Perfect Laser puts forward the laser marking machine which can print colorful patterns just for one time.Therefore, the monochromatic era has gone away and the laser marking won’t be boring anymore.


What the difference between color laser marking machines,ink deposition techniques and the technology which through colorful powder or membrane is that comparing more advanced laser machine which can change the color of plastic-this typical physical effect can have thermal decomposition reaction with the polymer in an oxygen environment can creat various colors on the surface of the stainless steel metal raw materials.

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Unlike ordinary laser marking machines, color laser marking machines use the latest optical technology to design optical systems and unique water temperature control systems. The laser power is stronger and the beam is more stable. The biggest drawback of color laser marking machines is that the price is too high. It is several times higher than the average laser marking machine, which makes its market share relatively small.