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Company News About What's The Operating Procedure Of Laser Cleaning Machine For Rubber Tire Mold

What's The Operating Procedure Of Laser Cleaning Machine For Rubber Tire Mold


For the first time using a laser cleaning machine, you need to use the device with a stylus to slide and click to set the parameters. The software has provided an operation template and corresponding parameter indicators, which is intuitive and eye-catching. The setting only takes a few minutes. You only need to set it once, and the set data is stored in the database for later use when cleaning similar molds. When you enable it again, just tap the start or end with your stylus.


1.Mold cleaning
If the mold needs to be cleaned, open the vulcanizing machine at the end of vulcanization without disassembly and waiting for the mold to cool. The time for cleaning the mold is independent of the effect and temperature. Move the Jiaxin laser cleaning machine to the vulcanizing machine to clean the mold. It can clean the molds such as the two halves and the movable mold of 13 to 21 inches. The operator can start the cleaning by aiming the beam emission system of the laser cleaning system at the mold.
During the cleaning process, the laser beam is scanned on the surface of the mold, and the mold surface is illuminated at different angles. The cleaning depth of the exhaust hole by the laser cleaning mold can reach 5 mm. The beam can be cleaned immediately. Rinse clean. The cleaned vulcanizer can be put into production immediately.

The time taken by the laser cleaning mechanism to clean a mold, including the set time and the cleaning time, is about 30 to 60 minutes. The cleaning time is related to the frequency of mold cleaning, tire rubber and mold surface conditions.

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2. Simple and safe operation
Perfect Laser's laser cleaning machine, all the steam is evacuated by a special filtering system, which eliminates the health hazards to the operator; the laser parameters are set to work only on the object being cleaned. The safety level belongs to the first-level laser system, which does not hurt the substrate material and human It is safe and reliable for the operator and the factory environment. The light-sensitive reaction and the sound of foreign matter peeling off caused by the laser beam in contact with the object to be cleaned bring a pleasant sensation. It is not necessary to take special protective measures for the eyes and hands of the operators during the operation; there is no need for special safety training for the operators; the noise during the cleaning process is very low, and no special protection for the ears is required.

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3. Economic benefits of laser cleaning molds
The holmium laser cleaning mold can improve the efficiency by more than 10 times than the sand blasting method, and there is no wear on the mold. The mobile laser mold cleaning system can clean the hot mold directly on the vulcanizing machine without disassembling, handling and adding auxiliary materials, which greatly improves the working conditions, saves time and reduces costs. Not only is the investment worthwhile, but the payback can be recovered in the short term. The laser cleaning machine technology will replace traditional industrial cleaning such as pickling and sand blasting because of its environmental protection, low carbon, green safety, and economic and social benefits.

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