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Company News About What Is The Laser Of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

What Is The Laser Of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine


Fiber laser cutting machine is a relatively common equipment. This equipment is very important for the industrial field. The use of fiber laser cutting machine depends on the role of laser, so the level of laser is very important. So, what kind of laser does the laser of fiber laser cutting machine generally belong to?


As we all know, the power of fiber laser cutting machines on the market today is as low as tens of watts, and as high as 15,000 watts. They are used in various industries to help many users complete cutting tasks and intelligent transformation of the industry. The laser cutting machine can cut cloth and acrylic board underneath, and can cut 50mm thick carbon steel and aluminum alloy on the upper side. It has a variety of functions and a large cutting span, so it has higher requirements for its laser grade. Han's Laser is divided into high-power laser cutting machines with laser cutting machines of 1500 watts and above. Now high-power laser cutting machines have been developed to 15,000 watts.

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The laser level is classified according to the degree of damage to the human body caused by the laser light generated by the laser. Lasers are classified from CLASS I (non-destructive) to CLASS IV lasers.


The first-level laser is a low-energy-level laser device. It is very safe and can avoid all electrostatic hazards without biological hazards. The second-level laser is also a low-energy-level laser (power <1 mW), but the laser will damage it. Human eyes; Class III Class A laser is a strong laser, which is a continuous laser wave, which belongs to a medium-energy emitting device, which is harmful to the human body by scattering light; Class III Class B lasers are medium-power lasers. Not only is direct viewing prohibited, but scattered laser light can also cause harm to the human body; Class IV lasers are high-power lasers.


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The laser level of the high-power fiber laser cutting machine belongs to the fourth level. The beam emitted by the high-power laser is a direct beam. These reflected or scattered beams can cause eye or skin damage, so this type of laser cannot be seen directly. Wear protective eyes, gloves, and protective clothing. Current laser cutting machines are equipped with a sheet metal cover as the first layer of protection. No one is allowed to enter the energy during operation, which effectively prevents laser leakage and operator safety.


Laser belongs to processed physical light, so it will not cause radiation damage to the human body and cause cell canceration. However, the light emitted by high-power lasers is high-intensity light, so we cannot directly look at or directly touch it. We must operate it in a safe condition Use laser equipment.


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At present, the development of lasers has preceded the laser cutting machine. There are already more than 20,000 watts of lasers on the market, and the current laser cutting machine is 15,000 watts. In the future, in order to adapt to market development, more and more high-power laser cutting machines will be developed and applied to higher-end industries to help scientific production of enterprises.


The above are the laser levels in the fiber laser cutting machine. These levels are very important for the laser. We must pay special attention to this point.


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