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Company News About What Is The Application And Principle Of Dot Peen Marking Machine

What Is The Application And Principle Of Dot Peen Marking Machine


With the development of computer technology and automatic control technology, in batches and a large number of modern production processes, the automatic control method of marking equipment has become the mainstream. The marking methods of industrial parts mainly include stamping, electrochemical corrosion, laser marking and pneumatic marking. The stamping speed is fast and the working process is simple, but it has poor flexibility and insufficient marking depth. Electrochemical corrosion has high precision and does not damage the flatness of the work, but it requires high flatness on the surface of the workpiece, the depth of the marking is relatively shallow, and it requires the use of consumables such as templates and marking fluid. Laser galvanometer marking has high precision, fast speed, and beautiful appearance, but it is expensive, the marking depth is shallow, maintenance is inconvenient, and in some cases it does not meet the actual requirements of production. Pneumatic marking machine has the advantages of low cost, fast processing speed, high accuracy, convenient maintenance, strong anti-interference ability and adjustable content and depth of marking. It is widely used, especially in the assembly line with strict requirements on marking speed Operating occasions.


The pneumatic marking machine system is generally a two-axis motion control system. It controls the stepper motor to drive the print head to move in a certain trajectory in the xy plane according to the marking content entered by the user, thereby forming characters composed of dense dots on the surface of the workpiece Or pattern, complete the processing of the task.


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Advantages of dot peen marking machine:
1. The mark can be deep or light, whether it is graphics, text, product serial number, trademark, etc., it will become a permanent logo after marking.
2. A variety of large and heavy workpieces need to be marked frequently, and the pneumatic marking machine is the first choice.
3. The price is moderate, and it can be equipped with a pen computer, which is convenient to carry.
4. Pneumatic marking can also be easily integrated in industrial production lines.
5. The marking head is designed to be small, strong and easy to install


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Features of dot peen marking machine:
1. Can print numbers, letters, Chinese characters, serial numbers, graphics, etc.
2. Rotating marking, sector-shaped marking, dot matrix marking, etc.
3. The depth of the marking effect is adjustable, the thickness of the line is adjustable, and any suitable amount of graphics can be printed through computer design.


Dot peen marking machine's application: printing of numbers, names, trademarks, production dates of components such as engines, pistons, bodies, frames, chassis, connecting rods, engines, cylinders, etc. of automobiles and motorcycles; electric vehicles, bicycles, motorcycles Etc. plus frame number printing; label printing of various commodities, vehicles, equipment products; various mechanical parts machine tools, hardware products, metal pipes, gears, pump bodies, valves, fasteners, steel, instrumentation, electromechanical equipment Wait for metal marking.


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