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Company News About What About The Perfect Laser's Service For Wall Printer Machine?

What About The Perfect Laser's Service For Wall Printer Machine?


1. The requirements of the wall inkjet printer on the wall surface can be printed as long as it does not exceed 5CM, because the wall inkjet printer has an automatic nozzle telescopic function, which can automatically adjust the distance between the nozzle and the wall surface.
2. The cost of the wall inkjet printer is not high, because the print-like effect of photo printing cloth is not limited, and the pattern and color are not limited, while the hand-painted wall is more complicated and the labor cost is high, and many specific patterns and colors cannot be painted.

3. Hand-painting requires a complete high-pixel image and an absolute plane image to be made, and the wall painter only needs a network image or mobile phone pattern to restore him on the wall, even better than the original image. more perfect. Most of our materials are perspective, or need to be changed and adjusted, so we need machines to deal with reconstruction.
4. The disadvantages of hand-painting cannot express the texture. Friends who are painting know that hand-painting can never do accurate color matching, and the wall inkjet machine can completely display the color on the computer.
5. What is suitable for wall inkjet printer, suitable for high-end customized customers, who need to pursue the overall sense, print decorative pictures and personality pictures on the wall.

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6. The width of the wall printer can be extended indefinitely. The height can be infinitely spliced, and the overall picture effect is better. If the height of the wall is more than two meters, it is difficult to draw on top of it. Even if you draw something on the pad, it will delay time because of changing seats.

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7. Hand drawing is wrong if the pattern is wrong. It is not only time that is wasted, but the hand drawing artist also asks you to pay another fee.

Perfect Laser (Wuhan) Co., Ltd. thinks from the perspective of customers:
1. Describe the product and equipment performance parameters.
2. Assist customers to determine the system configuration and provide the perfect investment solution.
3. Provide customers with layout suggestions for each system to ensure smooth installation.
4. Arrange equipment master control personnel to conduct comprehensive software and hardware training.
5. Provide free equipment installation, commissioning and training on site.
6. Provide customers with practical production guidance training, assist customers to overcome technological difficulties, and achieve production goals.
7. Provide one year free warranty period and lifetime maintenance.
8. General questions asked by customers are answered immediately, and difficult questions are answered within 24 hours
9. Provide customers with high-cost consumables and accessories solutions to ensure customer competitiveness.

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