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Company News About The process of metal laser marking-Jiaxin laser introduction

The process of metal laser marking-Jiaxin laser introduction


The process of metal laser marking-Jiaxin laser introduction


       Many processing companies will use metal laser marking technology, especially hardware, jewelry, molds, etc. So do you know what a metal laser marking machine is? What processing advantage does it have? Let's get to know it together. About the process of metal laser marking.

  Metal laser marking machine uses a concentrated high-energy laser beam to remove the material from the processed metal surface, so as to achieve the marking effect required by the user. Just like a sharp chisel, the laser beam moves freely on the metal surface to remove the excess material. This is the principle of the metal laser marking process.

      Since metal is widely used in various industries, there are more and more laser equipment dedicated to metal in the manufacturing market, such as fiber laser cutting machine, steel plate laser cutting machine, aluminum cutting machine, etc., no matter which one it is Metal cutting and marking equipment is a powerful representative in the era of laser technology.

So, what are the advantages of the metal laser marking machine? First, it is a non-contact engraving and cutting, which will not damage or damage the surface of the metal material, and minimize the waste of resources; the second is that it is an automated production machine. It does not require a large number of manpower or experienced technical workers, thereby reducing costs; third, because of the computer programming and the operation of high-tech equipment, its accuracy is extremely high and the durability is better.

   They are all symbols of technological progress, social development, and improved living standards. Therefore, metal laser marking has become an indispensable part of society.