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Company News About The effect of UV laser marking machine is so good

The effect of UV laser marking machine is so good


The effect of UV laser marking machine is so good


UV laser marking machine is an emerging product that has appeared in the past two years, and its superior marking effect is favored by the majority of manufacturers. In the past, it mainly relied on fiber laser marking machine and carbon dioxide laser marking machine for marking. Although optical fiber and carbon dioxide can engrave and mark on general materials, due to the limitations of the machine itself, it cannot be refined and the effect is not good. It goes without saying. It is analogous to the optical fiber for plastic, the speed is fast, the marking effect is not clear, the speed is slow, the surface of the plastic will foam, and the hand will obviously feel the bump.


The emergence of UV laser marking machine completely solves this problem. The laser processing of UV laser marking machine becomes cold processing because the high-energy molecules of UV photons directly separate the molecules on the metal or non-metallic materials that need to be processed. However, this detachment leads to the separation of molecules and materials. This way of working does not generate heat. Because this way of working does not generate heat, the UV laser processing method becomes cold processing. This source is also different from traditional fiber lasers.


Where is the UV laser marking machine mainly used for marking? The UV laser marking machine is currently mainly used in some high-end markets for fine processing. UV laser marking machine can be used to mark wafers with micro-control, LCD liquid crystal glass two-dimensional code marking, various metals, plastics, building materials, communication equipment, etc.


In the next two years, the market share of UV fiber laser marking machines will grow explosively, which is also the trend of UV laser marking machines. Wuhan PREFECT LASER marking machine manufacturer, specializing in the production of laser equipment for more than 20 years, is worthy of your trust!

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