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Company News About The Application Of Laser Welding Equipment To a Range Hood

The Application Of Laser Welding Equipment To a Range Hood



Everyone knows that the smell of oily smoke is very horrible. In fact, if we are exposed to the smoke for a long time, not only our nose is sinned, but the skin is also hurt. Therefore, the range hood has been loved by many families. With the increase of market demand, there are more and more manufacturers of range hoods, and the quality requirements of the range hoods are getting higher and higher. Therefore, the welding between the components of the range hood is very important.

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The laser welding technology is used to weld the joint between the top cover and the side wall of the hood, which has the advantages of high welding speed, high precision, stable quality, convenient operation and simple maintenance. It is suitable for the production line and has high production efficiency.


The stainless steel laser welding equipment couples the high-energy laser beam into the optical fiber. After long-distance transmission, it is collimated into parallel light by the collimating mirror, and then focused on the stainless steel material of the range hood to perform welding. The weld is smooth and beautiful, not black, and the welding effect is firm.


The laser welding equipment of Perfect Laser has a uniform energy distribution and the best spot required for welding characteristics. It is suitable for a variety of complex welds, spot welding of various devices, and flexible transmission non-contact welding for parts that are difficult to access stainless steel, with greater flexibility. For more information, please click Perfect Laser laser welding equipment.