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Company News About The Advantages Of Plastic Laser Cutting Machine

The Advantages Of Plastic Laser Cutting Machine



The application of plastics is very wide, from small boxes and pots in daily life, home appliances, decorative toys, to industrial equipment, decoration and decoration, electromechanical equipment.

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The traditional machining method is to directly apply the drill and other machinery to the plastic workpiece, which causes the plastic to deform uniformly, and also forms a burr at the processing place. In order to meet the production requirements, the processing needs to be performed, and the processing speed will be slow. And the precision doesn’t meet the requirements. The industrial laser cutting machine solves these problems.


The plastic laser cutting machine focuses the laser beam on the surface of the plastic material, and uses the high temperature characteristics of the laser to melt the material and operate the laser beam and the plastic product along a certain trajectory to obtain an ideal plastic product.


The laser engraving machine for plastic has the following advantages in processing plastics:


It can increase the speed of new product development: after the product drawings are formed, laser processing can be performed immediately, and samples of new plastic products can be obtained in the shortest production cycle.


The quality of plastic laser cutting machine is good. It is non-contact cutting. The edge is affected by heat. There is basically no heat deformation of the workpiece, completely avoiding the collapse formed when the die is punched, the laser slit is smooth and flat, thus no need of secondary processing.

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The industrial laser cutting machine can save plastic mold cost by cutting plastic material. Plastic laser cutting machine does not need mold, mold consumption, or no need to repair mold, thus saving mold replacement time, processing cost and reducing manufacturing cost. It is suitable for large products or processing batches of plastic products.


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