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Company News About Perfect Laser-The advantage of Optical Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Perfect Laser-The advantage of Optical Fiber Laser Marking Machine


Perfect Laser-The advantage of Optical Fiber Laser Marking Machine

1. Laser equipment does not have contact with the product when using processing, so it will not cause damage to the product, and the instant temperature will not affect the area. The industry's application also has a better application.
2. The lines of optical fiber laser marks can meet the fine requirements of millimeter level, and improve the appearance of the product.
3. Laser -free laser equipment does not produce environmental and pollution to the human body. It is currently high -environmental technical equipment.
At present, in the mirror scanning laser marking system, the hardware control circuit is designed based on the computer ISA bus or PCI bus. It must be installed in the ISA bus or PCI bus extension of the computer motherboard. In this way, the number of computers controlled by a computer is limited (most of the cases are now a computer control 1 fiber laser marking machine). In addition, the hardware is installed on the computer motherboard, which has an impact on the stable operation of the entire system, reducing the stability of the marking system, and increasing the cost and volume of the marking machine.
The emergence and development of USB makes it possible for the optical fiber laser labeling machine hardware control circuit to break away from the computer ISA bus or PCI bus. The transmission rate of USB2.0 can reach 480MBIT/s, which can be competent for the requirements of the data transmission rate for laser marks. Moreover, it can support 1 computer connecting 127 devices at the same time, so that 1 computer can be controlled at the same time to control several units at the same time. The marking machine does not need to increase the additional cost, and the marking machine can also be sold without a computer, thereby reducing the price of the marking machine.
Now the ND: YAG laser used by the fiber laser marking machine is all pumping with the lamps or lamps. Its pump efficiency is very low, resulting in the total efficiency of the laser can only reach 2%~ 5%, which means that it is majority Some of the electrical power added to the pump lamp are transformed into heat. Therefore, this laser marking machine is equipped with a huge cooling system, which can account for 40%of the volume of the entire system.

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The current application of optical fiber laser marking machine technology is being gradually valued in the industry at home and abroad. Various new types of marking systems have emerged endlessly. It is replacing traditional marking methods with its unique advantages. Wait, on the surface of various mechanical parts, electronic components, integrated circuit modules, instruments, instruments, motor nameplates, tools and even food packaging, mark Chinese characters, English characters, numbers, graphics, etc. Wide application. Some international developed countries have regarded this technology as the process standard for industrial processing, and my country also attaches great importance to this technology. The National Science and Technology Commission has listed the technology as the "Eighty -Five Torch Plan" for development and promotion. Now it has attracted the attention of more and more domestic manufacturers, and it will definitely replace the traditional marking process and inject new vitality into product production. Therefore, optical fiber laser marking machines have huge development potential and broad market prospects.