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Company News About Perfect Laser-Laser Micromachining with High Efficiency And High Precision

Perfect Laser-Laser Micromachining with High Efficiency And High Precision


Laser Micromachining with High Efficiency And High Precision


Today, laser processing technology has become the darling of industrial applications because of its high efficiency, high precision, and non-contact processing, opening up broad prospects for high-quality, efficient and environmentally friendly processing and production. CO2 laser marking machine, fiber laser marking machine and semiconductor laser marking machine are the mainstream lasers in current industrial applications, and their laser pulse widths are at the level of microseconds and nanoseconds. Lasers of this pulse width level remove material by photothermal action, and will have a "thermal processing" effect.

Laser, as an emerging processing technology, faces more challenges. The heat-affected zone, fusion residue and strain cracks caused by the "hot working" effect are the main reasons that limit the improvement of workpiece machining accuracy, efficiency and process repeatability. With the development of industrial applications, higher requirements are put forward for the feasibility of processing, the quality of processing and the efficiency of processing. For some demanding processing tasks in the field of laser micromachining, the adverse effects derived from "thermal processing" make lasers with microsecond and nanosecond pulse width levels unable to meet their requirements.

In order to further improve the processing accuracy and reduce the thermal influence in the processing process and the adverse effects caused by the thermal influence, the picosecond laser has gradually penetrated into the industrial application field. The picosecond laser has an ultra-short pulse width of picosecond level. When processing materials, laser photons directly destroy the bonding bonds of the target material. This is a relatively "cold" processing process with a small heat-affected zone and almost no heat-affected zone. The entire process is clean and there is no recast material, so post-processing is rarely required. These characteristics of picosecond laser are destined to its important position in the field of laser micromachining.


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