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Company News About Perfect Laser-In the process requirements, laser marking machine market is increasing

Perfect Laser-In the process requirements, laser marking machine market is increasing


In The Process Requirements, Laser Marking Machine Market Is Increasing


Since the advent of laser technology, with unique advantages and excellent performance characteristics, favored by many enterprises, widely used in many industries, its unique processing form is to provide a lot of creative production and processing. So what happens when laser technology is integrated into the printing industry?

Laser marking machine has the advantages of high engraving accuracy, non-contact, permanent, anti-counterfeiting and high processing efficiency. Compared with the traditional screen printing, pad printing machine and what are the advantages and disadvantages?

From the point of view of production and application, we can appreciate the charm of laser marking machine from the speed, efficiency, degree of use, operation difficulty, safety risks, product demand these six perspectives.

In terms of speed, laser from typesetting to LOGO forming, occupies an absolute advantage, get rid of screen printing, pad printing, from production - plate - weaving - drying plate - ink - fixture - printing LOGO. Every step in between can't go wrong, the process is more complicated than you and I can imagine. And laser from drawing - typesetting - positioning - LOGO, as long as the middle process in two software, simple operation, low error rate.

In terms of efficiency, the laser has no consumables, eliminating the ink in screen printing. In the operation of the laser as long as the file is adjusted, and screen printing in the process of use is constantly asking workers to pay attention to whether the net is blocked, printed out the graph whether there is a section, the net surface is clean, the external environment clean without dust.

The use of screen printing or occupy the majority of the market, after all, it is an old brand, in many products LOGO expression laser or not as colorful as screen printing changes, laser single color limits the development of laser in many industries. In terms of operation difficulty, laser marking operation is simple, screen printing operation is careful, laser operation is particular about learning CDR and laser marking machine with the operating software, so in this study as long as you can computer, it is not a thing. And above all you should choose good ink in screen printing, in to choose the color you want, through a and a variety of color combinations, to get what you want to color, ink it in the screen, you have to devote in the process of using, printed on the part of every product, you have to repeat a few movements, scraper, sheet is closed, halftone is messy, the amount of ink, And the evenness of the ink printed on the product.

In terms of safety hazards, laser belongs to glare, ink belongs to gas volatile smell. Laser in playing LOGO will inevitably produce some smoke and dust, and the ink (ingredients) in harmonic and in the process of printing can produce a kind of smell, and these are all has certain harm to the body, but the laser can solve such problems, through equipment exhauster and screen printing was indeed change the working environment is also unable to effectively improve.

In terms of product demand, the comprehensive laser in all aspects is still far higher than the screen printing, laser LOGO forming, speed, operation, manual, are far better than the screen printing. Such as laser marking machine in the electronic industry application, in the application of aerospace technology, in the application of sanitary ware and cosmetics, food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging and other metal and non-metal materials widely used. All these show that laser marking machine has penetrated into all aspects of people's life and work. In short, laser marking machine performance is far higher than the traditional screen printing and pad printing machine advantages, its application prospects can be foreseen. So in the process of continuous improvement and even in the future, laser marking machine will also have a large market.