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Company News About Perfect Laser - Electronic Components Intelligent Laser Marking Machine

Perfect Laser - Electronic Components Intelligent Laser Marking Machine


Perfect Laser - Electronic Components Intelligent Laser Marking Machine


Intelligent laser marking system pipelining automation technology has been successfully applied to intelligent laser marking machine.Perfect laser electronic components intelligent laser marking machine is the introduction of visual technology in the traditional laser marking equipment, effectively realize the intelligent identification of marking objects and video positioning processing, so that laser equipment can "see" and "think". At the same time, the automatic assembly line device can realize the high precision and fast marking of electronic components.

In addition, the visual intelligent laser marking machine system can also realize the on-site unmanned control, remote one-button operation function, select the corresponding marking needs, you can directly give instructions, the system automatically complete the marking task. The working data of the equipment can also be uploaded to the industrial Internet cloud platform in real time to realize data analysis and remote control. Other practical functions can also be customized according to user needs.

It is understood that the traditional laser processing equipment in the positioning of artificial vision or mechanical structure positioning and other ways. Both of these methods are difficult to adapt to the laser precision machining occasions where the precision requirements are higher and higher.

Perfect laser vision intelligent laser marking machine system using visual positioning technology, can rely on visual sensors to collect field images and do analysis and data processing, automatic positioning and processing workpiece, fast speed, high precision, can effectively solve the traditional equipment in the slow speed, low precision, complex tooling, high cost problems. At the same time, the visual sensor can also be used as an effective source of feedback signal to monitor the field situation, providing users with better application experience.

Visual intelligent laser marking system, with its recognition algorithm flexible, high precision, processing and visual integration advantages in the domestic advanced level, can be widely used in electronic components, integrated circuits, mobile phone communications, auto parts, pipes and other precision processing fields, can greatly improve production efficiency, reduce enterprise tooling and labor costs, Suitable for all kinds of automatic production line application and intelligent transformation, is the inevitable choice of all kinds of enterprise equipment intelligent upgrade.

Perfect Laser (Wuhan) Co.,Ltd. intelligent laser marking machine, with fast speed, high printing accuracy, maintenance-free, long machine service life and other characteristics, can provide quality equipment for the majority of factories, and by the unanimous recognition of customers. Perfect Laser (Wuhan) Co.,Ltd. is a strong laser marking machine manufacturers, welcome interested businesses to consult product details!