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Company News About Perfect Laser-Detailed knowledge of woodworking engraving machine

Perfect Laser-Detailed knowledge of woodworking engraving machine


Perfect Laser-Detailed knowledge of woodworking engraving machine

Woodworking engraving machines are best suited for laser engraving and laser cutting of wood and wood, such as toys, decorative items, arts and crafts, souvenirs, Christmas decorations, gifts, architectural models, and wood inlays. But in the use of the machine will encounter a variety of problems, the following; to introduce them one by one.

1. How does the woodworking laser engraving machine work?

High processing speeds and neat edges are especially important when laser cutting and engraving wood. Woodworking lasers cut clean and accurate edges, even for very complex shapes and sizes. The time-consuming and difficult cleaning process is all gone, because no chips are created when laser cutting and engraving wood.

2. How can I cut or engrave wood with a laser?

When cutting and engraving wood with a laser, personalised cutting or engraving is often paramount: text or lines are applied to the frame to add its own value; incredible details for photos and even logos can be achieved with a laser. Using stencil hot stamping cannot produce such precise detail, nor is it possible to switch to a different motif instantly. Using a laser gives the user great flexibility and refines the wood with high quality.

3. Can any type of wood be laser cut and engraved?

Since wood is a natural material, laser users must consider various properties, such as density and resin content, when working with wood, softwood types, such as balsa, require lower laser power and can be cut at higher speeds . Hard wood, as an example of a high-density wood type, on the other hand, requires higher laser power. Compressed air is recommended when processing MDF, including glulam fibers.

4. Do you have to fix the material on the work surface?

The answer is no, the laser does not put any pressure on the wood during processing; therefore no clamping or any other type of fixation is required. Simply insert the workpiece to start laser processing. This saves time and money spent preparing materials. Lasers are available in different sizes, powers, so as to meet customer requirements for size.