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Company News About How about the price of fiber laser marking machine

How about the price of fiber laser marking machine


How about the price of fiber laser marking machine


        At present, in this developing city, during the decades of rapid development of the laser industry, many laser manufacturing companies have also appeared. However, with the increase in technology, most companies have slowly withdrawn from the market, and Schwab Laser research and development, production and sales have been more than 20 years. The lasers used are domestic and imported fiber lasers. Of course, there is a gap in the price of fiber laser marking machines. Customers can choose according to their own needs and purchasing power. Then the price of fiber laser marking machine should be based on what conditions:

    1. The fiber laser marking machine can be selected for marking on metal materials and some plastic materials. Most metal materials can have a good performance effect on the absorption of fiber lasers, such as some tools, high carbon steel, stainless steel and other materials. The characters, patterns and English produced by the laser marking machine are all clear. Some customers also have non-metallic materials that need to be coded. Of course, fiber laser marking machines can do the job. Before purchasing a fiber laser marking machine, you still have to confirm the materials you often mark yourself. If possible, experiment with coding first.

  2. The fiber laser marking machine adopts international standard laser components, has high-quality laser beam and processing accuracy, can meet the fine processing and production of current products, and is easy to operate and stable in performance. Although there are many types of fiber laser equipment on the market, they are mixed. If customers want to buy cost-effective fiber laser equipment, they need to comprehensively measure the strength of the company and the processing effect of the product, and do not blindly compare prices.

     3. Schwab's fiber laser marking equipment adopts an integrated machine design to achieve a modular and flexible design. It is different from other fiber laser marking equipment in many aspects and can be easily integrated into various In the environment, we provide customers with the best laser marking solutions.

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    Therefore, when buying equipment, you should pay attention not to look at the price of the fiber laser marking machine. You should buy it according to your own needs. No matter where the customer looks at this equipment, the overall performance of this fiber laser equipment is very good. Whether it is the accuracy of processing or the flexibility of operation, this equipment has a very outstanding performance, and the reflection effect in the market is very good.

  Source: Wuhan Jiaxin Laser Co., Lt