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Company News About How about the CNC Router For Woodworking?

How about the CNC Router For Woodworking?


                                Detailed knowledge of  CNC Router  For woodworking 


Woodworking engraving machines are the most suitable for laser engraving and laser cutting of wood and wood, such as toys, decorative items, art crafts, souvenirs, Christmas decorations, gifts, architectural models, and wood inlays. However, various problems will be encountered in the use of the machine, the following; to introduce one by one.


1. How does a CNC Router for woodworking work?
When laser cutting and engraving wood, high processing speed and neat edges are particularly important. Woodworking lasers cut edges cleanly and accurately, even for very complex shapes and sizes. The time-consuming and difficult clearing process has disappeared, because there is no debris generated by laser cutting and carving wood.

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2. How can I cut or carve wood CNC Router?
When cutting and engraving wood with a laser, personalized cutting or engraving is often the most important: text or lines are applied to the photo frame to increase your own value; using lasers can achieve incredible details of photos and even logos. Hot stamping with a mold cannot produce such precise details, nor can it immediately switch to a different motif. The use of lasers provides users with great flexibility and uses high-quality thinned wood.


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3. Can any type of wood be cut and carved with CNC Router?
Since wood is a natural material, laser users must consider various characteristics such as density and resin content. When working with wood, soft wood types such as Balsa wood require lower laser power and can be cut at higher speed . Hard wood, as an example of a high-density wood type, on the other hand, requires higher laser power. When used as a medium-density fiberboard, including the processing of glued wood fibers, compressed air is recommended.


4. Must the material be fixed on the work surface?
The answer is no, the laser will not exert any pressure on the wood during processing; therefore clamping or any other type of fixation is not required. Simply insert the workpiece to start laser processing. This can save time and money spent preparing materials. The lasers have different sizes and powers, so that they can meet customer requirements regarding size.


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