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Company News About Cutting a Metal Fence With a Laser Pipe Cutter

Cutting a Metal Fence With a Laser Pipe Cutter



Guardrails can be one of the most neglected things in everyday life and society.When you mention "guardrails", you suddenly realize that you can't see the scenes you have traveled. It turned out that the guardrail quietly guarded us. There are guardrails everywhere in life. There are many types and uses of guardrails. Among them, metal composite pipes such as stainless steel have been widely used in the field of guardrails due to their corrosion resistance, aging resistance, beauty and strength.

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In the fence industry, pipes are processed more often, and it is often necessary to cut, stamp and weld various square or round pipes. There is also a need to choose a blanking machine. In order to further improve production efficiency, improve processing quality, and reduce material waste in the guardrail industry, the laser pipe cutter has become the "weapon" for all metal tube manufacturers and a powerful "umbrella" behind the guardrail.


Laser cutter for steel does not require the creation of a casting mold. Any cutting shape is programmed by software, and the end user can control the production of short or medium plates without making a large number of templates. The laser pipe cutter is almost "universal". It can handle any programmed tubular shape and the laser can perform round cutting in any direction. The shape of the template can be quickly changed by computer programming to provide customers with personalized processing. Even at the last minute, the operator can modify the design without affecting the entire production process of the product. The cnc laser metal cutting machine can compensate for inaccuracies in the printing process. For example, the material may experience tensile deformation. The laser can be adjusted according to these deformations, but the traditional template making method cannot.

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