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What Products Can Be Welded By Laser Welding Machine?

What Products Can Be Welded By Laser Welding Machine?


 Laser welding machine use high-energy laser pulses to complete welding by heating a tiny part in small areas. At present, with its fast welding speed, high efficiency, flat weld and beautiful appearance, China has become a new industrial technology in industrial welding processing. The  laser welding machine is widely used. However still many people don’t know what kind of products the  laser welding machine can weld. Perfect laser would like to present an detailed introduction as following.


1.Mobile phone part electronics industry


The China laser welding machine can realize micro-welding processing on mobile phone parts. With high-stability laser output,the cnc laser welding machine can weld various metal parts on electronic products such as mobile phones, and the welding is firm and doesn’t cause deformation.


2.Automotive industry


With the rapid development of laser welding technology, industrial laser welder production lines have been applied in the automobile manufacturing industry in a large scale, and have become one of the important chain of the automobile manufacturing industry.


3.Hardware bathroom products welding


Nowadays, the requirement for sanitary products is becoming higher. Users have higher requirements for the their showers basins. Welding effect will be smooth and beautiful by applying cnc laser welding machine.


4.Metal mold


Laser welding technology is often used for the wear repair of molds. The industrial laser welder has a small weld width and a small heat affected zone. No deformation or porosity will occur after repairing the mold. The combination of cnc laser welding machine and computer technology increases the degree of automation and enables precise welding in small and precise areas.