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The application of the Channel Letter Bender used in the everyday life.

The application of the Channel Letter Bender used in the everyday life.


  On the street, we can see the luminous advertising everywhere, such as the title of a shopping mall, or the sign of a store, etc., these are the use of bending machines in our lives.

  The channel letter bending machines are suitable for application in the advertising industry. For example, they can be used for the production of advertisement characters, billboards, LED characters, title characters, etc.We Perfect Laser can provide several models of it.

   PEL-700 is one kind of three-in-one channel letter bending machines with double pole double arc device. Its processing material width is 2-150mm, and processing thickness of the metal sign making machine is up to 1.20mm.Humanized human-computer interface embodies the advanced automation equipment manufacturing level, touch screen replaces the complicated computer,realizes off-line working,easy operation, and more fast and stable.

    PEL-600A is On the basis of the PEL-600, the equipment structure is precise and economical, it is the preferred high-end equipment for all kinds of aluminum materials (color aluminum plate, single edge, double edge crimping, etc.). it is very available for material width ranges from 30mm to 128mm.Bending galvanized sheet metal also can read design file like the format such as DXF,AI,matching with the engraving file.