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The Application of Laser Cutting Technology in Daily Life

The Application of Laser Cutting Technology in Daily Life


The Application of Laser Cutting Technology in Daily Life

      Laser cutting technology is actually closely related to our lives, from the automotive manufacturing industry to the aerospace industry. Perfect Laser mainly supply several types fiber cutting machines. Adopt world famous fiber laser sources such as IPG,Raycus, Max Phoenix,JPT,N-Light,can meet all your demand of metal cutting machine. It applied in automotive industry, computer, electrical casing, wood cutter die industry, cutting of various metal parts and special materials, circular saw blade, acrylic, spring gasket, copper plate with electronic parts below 2mm, some metal mesh plate, steel pipe, tinned iron plate, lead-plated steel plate, etc
      For our company , we mainly sale Metal sheet fiber laser cutting machine,Metal tube and pipe laser cutting machine,Metal pipe and sheet fiber laser cutting machine,and so on.

      For metallic tubular materials, we have hot-sale PE-F2060,is mainly used for pipe processing in fitness equipment, office furniture, kitchen cabinets, oil screen tubes, lamps and lanterns, automotive exhaust pipes and so on.

      For Sheet metal materials, we have PE-F2000-3015 is widely applied in chassis cabinets, agricultural machinery, advertising production, kitchen and bathroom, sheet metal processing, environmental protection equipment, auto parts, machinery manufacturing, metal handicrafts, hardware products, elevator equipment and other industries.

      For both metal plate and tube materials , PE-F3015B is our company main products . It also used in stainless steel, carbon steel, manganese steel, galvanized sheet, all kinds of alloy plate, rare metals. For industrial,sheet metal industry, kitchenware industry, elevator mobile phone industry, advertising industry, chassis cabinet industry, machinery parts processing industry, precision machining industry, automobile manufacturing industry, daily light industry, agricultural machinery and food machinery industry, hardware bathroom industry, Medical fitness equipment industry.

      We also have Interactive platforms and Robotic Arm type. for example ,our Robotic Arm Fiber Laser Cutting Machine PE-F2030 .is applied in manufacturing and processing industries with industrial robotic arm (Auto car and ships, Aerospace, Machinery manufacturing, Elevator manufacturing, Household Appliances, Crafts and gifts. Watches Jewelry, Tools Machining, Diamond tools, Gear, Decoration Advertisements, Laser Processing Services). For this type cutting machine , it can be customized for your requirements in work-platform , function and setting.