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How about the development and industrialization of domestic laser cleaning machines?

How about the development and industrialization of domestic laser cleaning machines?


At present, the main cleaning methods in the industry are chemical cleaning, mechanical cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning. The biggest drawback of chemical cleaning is environmental pollution; mechanical cleaning, labor intensity, poor working environment, uncontrollable quality; ultrasonic cleaning objects and size constraints. Therefore, the industry urgently needs an innovative cleaning method!


The laser cleaning machine has the technical advantages of intelligent controllable, precise and consistent cleaning process, no damage to the substrate and convenient operation. At the same time, it has the advantages of environmental protection, maintenance-free, low operating cost, improved working environment and manpower saving. Land becomes the future development trend and the first choice for industrial cleaning!


Laser cleaning machines are used in a variety of applications and are increasingly being used in industrial applications such as descaling, degreasing, paint removal, stripping and oxide coatings, as well as pre-weld pre-treatment and post-weld burrs. Clean up and other uses. As far as the industry is concerned, aerospace, shipbuilding, automobile manufacturing, electronics, molds, machining, steel manufacturing, etc., with the continuous upgrading of laser cleaning technology and technology, it can be said that the industrial application of laser cleaning technology is ubiquitous and extremely extensive. It is gradually replacing existing industrial cleaning and manual grinding.


In terms of research and development of laser technology, European countries started early and have been at the forefront. Equipment such as CleanLASER in Germany and Quantel in France, but in domestic practical applications, there are high equipment prices and late maintenance costs. High, technical support response is not timely, etc., has not formed a large-scale application; domestic competitors, due to high technical barriers in the industry and most of the late start, products in the laboratory or test machine stage, the key technology is not mature, and other factors, In general, it is at the beginning of the exploration.However, in the past two years, the domestic laser cleaning market has also appeared in the dark horse enterprises with core independent intellectual property rights, such as Wuhan Xiangming Laser Technology Co., Ltd. skylasertech, which has formed a series of mature products through more than ten years of laser cleaning technology and process accumulation. Laser cleaning products are at the forefront of domestic counterparts. At the same time, they have industry competitiveness in terms of product technology, cost performance and professional rapid after-sales service. The industry market is widely used and has good response.


Compared with laser marking, cutting, welding and other application fields, the laser cleaning machine industry is currently a blue ocean at home and abroad, and the market has great potential for development.

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