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Hand held Optical fiber laser welding machine , automated welding equipment PE - W1000D

Hand held Optical fiber laser welding machine , automated welding equipment PE - W1000D

Hand held Optical fiber laser welding machine , automated welding equipment PE - W1000D
Minimum Order Quantity:
1 unit
Packaging Details:
Sea-Worthy Packing or Air-Worthy Packing
Delivery Time:
4-6 Weeks
Payment Terms:
T/T, L/C, PayPal, Western Union
Supply Ability:
300 Units Per Month
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Detail Information
Place of Origin:
Brand Name:
Perfect Laser
Model Number:
Product Name:
Automatic Hand-held Optical Fiber Laser Welding Machine PE-W1000D
Fiber Laser Welding Machine
Fiber Length:
Output Power:
QCW Mode 100W CW Mode 1000W
Positioning Mode:
Red Light
After-sales Service Provided:
Engineers Service Overseas
High Light:
laser welding equipment , automatic laser welding machine
Product Description



Hand held Optical fiber laser welding machine , automated welding equipment PE - W1000D

Product Profile
Laser, known as the stimulated emission of light amplification, the English full name: Light Amplification by Stimulate Emission of Radiation; referred to as: Laser. It is a new light source, which has the coherence, monochrome, directional and high output power and other characteristics, is the other light can not match.
Laser welding is the use of laser beam excellent directional and high power density and other characteristics to work. Through the optical system to gather the laser beam in a small area, in a very short period of time, so that the welding is the formation of a highly concentrated local heat source area, so that the welding material melting and the formation of solid solder joints and welds.
PE-W1000D laser welding machine is YAG type pump source, the use of optical fiber laser welding machine. It is in the equipment shape, structure and suitable for the operation of the man-machine interface based on the effectiveness of human nature and work has a lot of new ideas.
The equipment adopts industrial integrated design, compact structure and beautiful, with a good beam mode, energy concentration, stable performance, the use of reliable, fast welding, wide range of welding, consumables long life and other characteristics, taking full account of Equipment in the mass production of various parameters, from the details to do the key parameters adjustable data show closed loop.
Technical Index

Item Tender specifications
Input 220V±5%
Fiber length 5m
Laser wavelength 1.064μm
Peak output power

QCW Mode 100W
CW Mode 1000W

Focal spot diameter 0.2-2mm
X,Y axis stroke X*Y=300mm*300mm
Platform size X*Y=400mm*400mm
Moving speed range 0-50mm/s
Reset precision 0.03mm
Positioning accuracy ≤0.025mm
Z axis

Electric lift height 200mm
Manual lift height 100mm

Rotary clamp

Diameter Ф100mm rotating fixture, angle 0-90º manually adjustable, can be locked in any position between them, using stepper motor drive, step equivalent of 0.01 degrees, positioning accuracy of 0.1 degrees, repeat the positioning accuracy of 0.05 degrees.
Display Coaxial CCD LCD monitor
Positioning mode Red Light
Light way out Automatic
Cooling System Over temperature alarm, flow protection, water level protection.
Control system

IPC CNC2000 control software

Configuration list

Name Type/Description Manufacturer Qty Mark
Laser Imported gold cavity Perfect laser 1set Assemble
Crystal θ155*8/high grade

11 Research institute

Xenon lamp θ8*150*300

Anguang Research institute​

Optical fiber 0.6mm Core diameter Mitsubishi 1pcs  
Pump power Double pulse laser power supply Wuhan Valley 1set  
Cooling-water machine

3P industrial refrigeration system
High temperature, low temperature, water supply, under voltage multiple protection

Wuhan hanli 1set  

Power Function
1) modular circuit program design, according to the actual application of dual lamp configuration parameters and light mode;
2) based on industrial field data communication, to provide RS232 serial communication, to ensure a good anti-jamming capability, communication distance can reach 100M;
3) 65536 color high-resolution 7-inch LCD display color screen, support for touch control;
4) system alarm operation information integrity, to provide undercurrent, overcurrent, overload, phase, phase sequence error, water pressure limit, water temperature limit, radiator overheating and other protection, alarm prompt function can be displayed in real time more than 100 Troubleshooting information;
5) with the corresponding interface circuit, to achieve 128 parameters of the non-stop soft switching and 64 groups of parameters of the hard switch (soft switch to software control switch, can be set in the touch control interface; hard switch to hardware control switch, Through the external logic to give the corresponding level to control);
6) Each group of laser processing can be at least 32 sections of the waveform of any set, each section provides current ramp mode movements, the system can save 100 groups of programs for users to call;
7) through the operation of the user interface, the valve function can be set to start before the light out of the lead time and the delay after the delay time;
8) Intelligent shutter control. Millisecond time delay time can be customized according to user needs to ensure complete shading;
9) slow down the slow down control by the user to set each pulse current rise, slow down the amplitude and action starting point;
10) can achieve real-time energy automatic feedback function, the energy of the light stabilized within ± 2% of the error;
Welding Sample
Hand held Optical fiber laser welding machine , automated welding equipment PE - W1000D 0

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2. Well-trained and disciplined packing team.

3. After-sale service:. Any questions or problems after receiving the product, please feel free to contact us. Problems would be solved for you immediately.

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