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Electric 15KG Light Portalbe Dot Peen Marking Machine USB Continual 16 Hours Working

Electric 15KG Light Portalbe Dot Peen Marking Machine USB Continual 16 Hours Working

Electric 15KG Light Portalbe Dot Peen Marking Machine USB Continual 16 Hours Working
Electric 15KG Light Portalbe Dot Peen Marking Machine USB Continual 16 Hours Working
Minimum Order Quantity:
1 unit
Packaging Details:
suitable for sea or air transportation
Delivery Time:
7-15 Working Days
Payment Terms:
L/C, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability:
3000 units per month
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Detail Information
Place of Origin:
Brand Name:
Perfect Laser
Model Number:
Print Range:
170mm×100mm(standard Type)
Marking Content:
Arbitrary Graphics And Chinese, English Characters, Arabia Number
Marking Speed:
Marking Depth:
0.01—1.5mm(depending On The Material)
Front Size:
Any Variable In The Print Range
Working System:
For More Than 16 Hours
Relative Humidity:
When 25℃<85%
High Light:
dot peen marking equipment , dot pin marking machine
Product Description

Electric 15KG Light Portalbe Dot Peen Marking Machine USB Continual 16 Hours Working


Product Description:

Perfect Laser is specialized in various types of laser equipment research and development, production, marketing, training, after-sales service. Our production of electric marking machine PEQD-D100 adopts ingenious idea, foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, sophisticated materials, exquisite workmanship, design advanced, full-featured, stable performance, easy to operate; welcomed and praised by the majority of customers.


The electric marking machine can be in a variety of parts, label print clearly, regulate solid markers. These were played the workpiece material can be metal, but also non - metallic materials. Marking content can be any of the characters, graphics, trademarks, designs, editing is very easy and flexible.


Product Features:

1.working principle:

Under the computer’s control, the header through a two-dimensional table is driven in the plane for any movement,at the same time the needles begin to have a high frequency vibration by gas dynamic system, and the workpiece on print is clearly marked.

2. the constitution of the marking machine:

Basic configuration: mainly by the computer, the host computer, such as the host computer.

Attachment: mainly by needle, 3 core power line, USB data lines.

2.1 host: mainly including table, marking, marking the electromagnetic, two-dimensional, etc.

D: is a stepping motor X, Y motion mechanism, under the control of the computer and the controller according to the trajectory of the character and graphics;

Power switch: control the overall power of the marking machine off the switch.

Adjust the handle: by rotating the handle, adjust the distance between the needle and the marking work piece.

Lock nut: the distance between the needle and the workpiece is fixed by the rotating nut.

Lengthened needle sleeve: when the need to fight the workpiece is too high, the use of high handle has been unable to conceal the need to remove the extension of the needle to meet the needs of the workpiece.

Marking switch: when you press the marking switch, marking machine starts to press the good program which you set on the computer automatically starts to hit the mark.

Stop switch: when you press the stop switch, the marking machine automatically stops marking work.

A needle switch: when you press the speed change, automatic conversion of high speed marking mode.

Signs lock the handle: adjust the handle with the fixed bar below him to hold the workpiece you will be marking

The needle / stop switch: when moved forward normal marking, back when moving out of the needle, needle to facilitate typesetting.



Applicable Industry:

Applicable material: suitable for all kinds of metal or nonmetal signs, parts marking

Applicable industries: automobile, motorcycle, machinery, steel, petroleum, aviation, electrical and other industries.



Equipment maintenance:

(1) Mechanical maintenance :

1. The X, Y axis sliding rod should be kept clean, dust or iron is not allowed to stay on top, so as not to affect the accuracy of rail;

2. The X, Y axis sliding rod a weekly and 20# above the oil a little, and hold a header along X, Y direction of movement back and forth several times;

3. The regular inspection of X, Y axis motor and synchronous belt wheel connection is loose, check once every three months;

4. The regular inspection of X, Y axis synchronous belt tensioning degree (first three months);

5. The regular inspection of X, Y axis synchronous belt fastening piece is loose (every three months);

6. Fight to keep the cylinder header clean it. Do not allow dust, iron, etc. into the cylinder or the copper sleeve, the day before use add lubricating oil (from the exhaust hole filling).

7. When connected to the gas source and the second joint automatic drainage, this time will be an exhaust gas and a few minutes later returned to normal, check out half a year a gas dynamic dyad is normal;

8. needle wear can repair, remove the needle method is to sleeve the left-hand needle , remove the rubber sealing ring, you can remove the needle and a reset spring;

9. With oil and iron filings, are not allowed to switch on;

10.That compressed air shall meet the technical requirements of the index.

(2) Computer system maintenance and maintenance:

1. The power supply shall meet the technical requirements in the proposed index;

2. Computer by hand operation, not allowed to run other software;

3. Once the computer infected with the virus, please quickly please software technical personnel, or quickly contact with the company;

4. The computer environment should meet the technical requirements of the proposed index;

5. The computer should be waterproof, dustproof and anti oil pollution, so as not to cause access in the oxidation of element caused by short circuit, poor contact fault. And half open the chassis cleaning dust;

6. Such as keyboard operation, should not be too large, only when tapped, otherwise it will affect the life, or even damage;

7. It is forbidden to fall off the electric control box, computer, keyboard, mouse, so as not to damage the machine components.



Model Parameters:

Print Range 170mm×100mm(standard type)
Marking Content Arbitrary graphics and Chinese, English characters, Arabia number
Marking Speed 30-200mm/second
Marking Depth 0.01—1.5mm(depending on the material)
Front size Any variable in the print range
Working system For more than 16 hours
Needle hardness and life Needle hardness 92HRA, life expectancy and the hardness of the workpiece, generally can be used for more than three months.
Weight 15kg
Power condition AC voltage is 220 + 10%, 50Hz + 1%, power is less than 1Kw
Relative humidity When 25℃<85%
Relative temperature 6℃--38℃;0
Area covered 1m2



Sample show:

Electric 15KG Light Portalbe Dot Peen Marking Machine USB Continual 16 Hours Working 0
Packaging & Delivery :

1. Prompt deliver at the very day.
2. Sophisticated and professional logistic agent.
3. Well-trained and disciplined packing team.
4. After-sale service:. Any questions or problems after receiving the product, please feel free to contact us. Problems would be solved for you immediately.

Competitive Advantages:
1. We offer high quality products at competitive price in quick delivery.
2. 100% custom pass guaranteed.
3. Good after-sale service.
4. Flexible and Untraceable payment terms.
5. Our products have been exported to Germany, Norway, Poland, Finland, Spain, UK, France, Russia, USA, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Uruguay and many other countries.