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11.6 Inch 5D Effect Vertical Wall Printer Ceramic Metal Epson Spray Head

11.6 Inch 5D Effect Vertical Wall Printer Ceramic Metal Epson Spray Head

11.6 Inch 5D Effect Vertical Wall Printer Ceramic Metal  Epson Spray Head
11.6 Inch 5D Effect Vertical Wall Printer Ceramic Metal  Epson Spray Head
11.6 Inch 5D Effect Vertical Wall Printer Ceramic Metal  Epson Spray Head
11.6 Inch 5D Effect Vertical Wall Printer Ceramic Metal  Epson Spray Head
11.6 Inch 5D Effect Vertical Wall Printer Ceramic Metal  Epson Spray Head
11.6 Inch 5D Effect Vertical Wall Printer Ceramic Metal  Epson Spray Head
Minimum Order Quantity:
Packaging Details:
Sea-Worthy Packing or Air-Worthy Packing
Delivery Time:
10-15working days for small laser engraving machine for sale
Payment Terms:
T/T, L/C, PayPal, Western Union
Supply Ability:
400 sets per month
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Detail Information
Place of Origin:
Brand Name:
Perfect Laser
Model Number:
Product Name:
PE-S10 Digital Wall Printing
Production Status:
In Production
Length * Width * Height (host Computer):
Ink Tank Volume:
X-axis Effective Distance:
2000mm (The Height Can Be Raised And Lowered)
Z-axis Effective Distance:
Nozzle Cleaning:
One Key Automatic
Display Screen:
Comes With 11.6-Inch Touch Panel
Flash Spray Test:
Language Switch:
Chinese/English (can Be Customized)
High Light:
11.6 Inch Vertical Wall Printer , 5D Effect Vertical Wall Printer , Epson Spray Head Inkjet Printing Machine
Product Description

PERFECT LASER 11.6 inch 5DEffect Vertical Wall Paper Glass Wood Ceramic Metal Art Home Decorating Inkjet Printing Painting Printers


(Model: PE-S10)



★ Product Introduction:


PE-S10 is a newly launched digital wall printing. Equipped with Epson industrial machine dual nozzles, the printing speed is fast, the resolution is up to 9600DPI, and the pictures are more beautiful.



★ Features:


1. Inkjet screen actual size of the wide format digital wall printing: high 2100mm wide 1700mm, wide more than 1700mm of the screen need to do seamless stitching, seamless splicing will not affect the overall effect of the screen.

2. Horizontal digital wall printing uses the Perfect Laser wall painting specific ink, no need to heat at minus 10 °C to zero 60 °C in the normal work environment, no ice, and constantly inking.

3. Single base color, one-way ink supply channel. Even for the system of automatic pressure supply, 340ml pigment library, multi-color one, easy to take, and the screen of the horizontal digital wall printing is clear and bright.

4.Equipped with dual ultrasonic sensors, up and down two-way inductive surface tracking, automatic positioning, and automatic solution to uneven surface and floor tilt. 

5.AI intelligent image processing speed is fast and efficient.

6. The body design of horizontal digital wall printing lines smooth, without a large chassis, the program software all integrated to facilitate the demolition and handling, to work under any environment.

7.The printing accuracy of this wall digital wall printing can reach 9600DPI.



★ Application:


1.Applicable Materials:

1. Wall Material:

Including interior and exterior wall putty wall, latex painted wall, white wall, Imitation porcelain walls, wall clothing, color coating glaze, shell powder, color grain paint, etc.

2.Non-adsorbent Material

glass, ceramic tiles, wood, metals, etc.

2.Applicable Industries:

The wall digital wall printing is widely used in home decoration, advertising industry, cultural and educational industry, government propaganda, hotel decoration, art experience museum, etc.



★ Technical Parameters:


Product Name Wall Floor Ground Printer Printing Machine
Model PE-S10 PE-UV-10
UV Curing Lamp No Have
White Ink Painting No Have
Other Parameters
Data Transmission Method Usb2.0/3.0/Bluetooth/Wireless Control (Optional)
Ultrasonic Sensor Pair
Length * Width * Height (Host) 40cm*32cm*250cm
The Fastest Painting Speed 64 Square Meters/Hour
Highest Painting Accuracy 9600dpi
Ink Consumption Per Square 6-10Ml
Nozzle Model Epson Print Head (Industrial Grade)
X Axis Folding Optional
Nozzle Guard Have
Head Ink Tank Can Be Split And Transported Separately
Motherboard Configuration 8-Core CPU, 4Gbddr Memory
Painting Direction Vertical
X Axis Guide 2500mm (Can Be Raised And Lowered)
Y Axis Guide 4500mm (Can Be Switched Arbitrarily And Used Cyclically)
Z Axis Guide 170mm
Display Screen Comes With 11.6-Inch Touch Panel
X Axis Effective Stroke 2000mm (The Height Can Be Raised And Lowered)
Y Axis Effective Stroke Unlimited
Z Axis Effective Stroke 150mm
Synchronous Belt No
Total Body Weight 32kg
Total Track Weight 38kg
Ink Tank Capacity 400Ml
Nozzle Cleaning One Key Automatic
Wall + Floor Double Color Painting System Have
Flash Spray Test Touch
Inkjet Test Touch
Automatic Nozzle Avoidance Have
Spirit Level Have
Print White Optional
Painted Mode Two-Way
Gallery Type Beautifully Printed Gallery Book + Mobile Hard Disk
Picture Processing AI Intelligent Image Processing
Automatically Block Large Images Unlimited Height/Width Size Of Painted Pictures
Interrupt Automatic Marking Have
Auto-Complement Have
Quiet Zone Calibration Have
Step Calibration Have
Nozzle Buffer Have
Spray Distance 0.5-2.0cm
Ink Supply Method Negative Pressure Automatic Ink Supply
Color Processing Automatic Color Matching
Painted Medium All White Walls
Integrated Voltage Regulator Have
Laser Positioning Have
Magnetic Limit Have
Automatic White Jump Have
Battery Life Have
Power-Off Endurance Time About 12 Hours
Picture On Demand Have
Machine Trailer Optional
Certification Green Environmental Protection Certification, National Standard Testing Qualified (Gb18582-2001, Gbt9756-2001), Ce Certification
Power Supply Ac110V (90-132V)/Ac220V (180-264V) Ac, 47-63Hz
Power Consumption No Load 20W, Generally 75W, Up To 250W
Noise Standby <20dba, Drawing <50dba
Construction Temperature -10°C-60°C (14°F-140°F) 10%-80% Relative Humidity, Non-Condensing
Storage Temperature -30°C-60°C (-22°F-140°F) 10%-80% Relative Humidity, Non-Condensing
Language Switch Chinese And English (Customizable)
The System Platform Windows XP / Win7 / Win8 / Win10



★ Machine parts:


11.6 Inch 5D Effect Vertical Wall Printer Ceramic Metal  Epson Spray Head 0



★ Packaging & Delivery:


1. Prompt deliver at the very day.

2. Well-trained and disciplined packing team.

3. After-sale service:. Any questions or problems after receiving the product, please feel free to contact us. Problems would be solved for you immediately.

4. Sophisticated and professional logistic agent.



★Competitive Advantages:


1. 100% custom pass guaranteed.

2. Our products have been exported to Germany, Norway, Poland, Finland, Spain, UK, France, Russia, USA, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Uruguay and many other countries.

3. Flexible and Untraceable payment terms.

4. Good after-sale service.

5. We offer high quality products at competitive price in quick delivery.